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KONGQUEST founder Raoul Coleman holds multiple Black Belts in Taekwondo under Senior Master Alejandro Pereira of CFTP. These include a 4th Dan under CFTP, 3rd Dan under UWTA, and 2nd Dan under Kukkiwon. He wrestled at the provincial level in high school qualifying through multiple regional tournaments. He has fought in K1 rules kickboxing in South America and has had multiple MMA fights. Coleman is a former junior national rugby champion with the Niagara Lightning in 2008.


Growing up Raoul competed in multiple sports finding his true focus with rugby at the age of 10yrs old. He continued with rugby until the age of 20yrs old playing for multiple teams including the Oakville Crusaders, Windsor Lancers, and Niagara Lightning junior superleague squad. He was named “best rookie” in 2004 and won the junior national championships with the Niagara lighting in 2008.


In high school (Lakeshore Collegiate) Raoul began weight training with his father. He loved it and began lifting 6+days a week. Coleman was heavily involved in school athletics including being offensive captain of the football team, wrestling, lacrosse, track and, field. He was the assistant coach for LCI’s junior rugby team. In grade 12 Raoul was awarded “most inspirational player” of the football team by his fellow teammates. He also graduated with the Alderwood C.I Graduates Scholarship award for excellence in academics and athletics.


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At the age of 17, Raoul began his martial arts journey starting with Taekwondo under Senior Master Alejandro Pereira and going on to train in boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, wrestling and, MMA. Raoul won many Taekwondo tournaments, competed at OFSAA in wrestling, fought a K1 rules kickboxing match in Paraguay and has had 3 MMA fights. After 14+yrs of training, he continues to train and develop his martial arts skills.


Raoul has completed many endurance events including the Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon (42km), Subaru Centurion cycling (80km), and the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer (220km).


Coleman was a security professional in Windsor and Toronto for many years working as a bouncer at multiple bars and nightclubs. This often allowed him to put practical use to the skills he learned in the gym and get a strong understanding of what works in real-life physical situations.


The benefits of martial arts are many. Physically martial arts promote strength, flexibility, agility, speed, balance, coordination, power and endurance. Personal benefits include respect, discipline, honour, perseverance, loyalty, mental fortitude, stress relief, confidence and knowledge of self-defense and personal protection. KONGQUEST martial arts delivers these benefits in a fun, challenging, community environment.


KONGQUEST is happy to support the Canadian Cancer Society in the Ride to Conquer Cancer as well as during breast cancer awareness month with funds raised through it’s haunted house in October of each year. At the annual Fall Festival run by KONGQUEST and Kinder Kids International preschool donations of food and non-perishable items are collected and contributed to the Mississauga food bank. KONGQUEST also donates to many silent auctions including the Africa Yoga Project, local fun fairs and other wonderful organizations.


KONGQUEST martial arts and fitness offers WTF style of Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Weapons training, Self defense, Yoga, and Fitness for members of all ages. Come see us and start KONGQUERING your goals today!


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